Calvary History

From the memories of those who were there

The humble beginnings of Calvary began many years ago when God prompted two obedient and willing servants of Christ. Mrs. Miriam Whittington (the first Pastor's wife) remembers, "In 1974, after nineteen days of fasting and prayer, Bro. Mark Whittington felt led to go to Conroe, Texas, to begin a church. Within six weeks, the church had thirty charter members," and, like a seedling, the church began to grow.

Birth of Calvary Baptist School

Not even two years after the start of the church, Mrs. Whittington said, "Bro. Mark told me he intended to start a school in the fall [of 1975]. I cried. How could we tackle anything else? But when the Lord leads, He provides; so we began with twelve grades, thirty students, and five teachers. Dale and Becky Burchett came to serve in the church and school in 1976 after they finished college." And the Burchetts have been here ever since.

Cherished Memories

Mrs. Whittington recalls many highlights throughout the forty-five years of Calvary Baptist School: prizes, accomplishments, competitions, awards, field trips, and senior trips. "The main memories include the growth and testimony of the students. Today we have teachers who graduated from our school, students whose parents attended, and even some grandchildren [of former students].

We could not list all of those who had such a vital part in the early growth of this work, but the Leeves, Garretts, Adams, Brumbles, Stantons, Thomases, Fenners, Skinners, Morehouses, Burchetts, Lavonne Hill, Marvin Holland, Clara Hamilton, and others will be remembered as being an important part of this ministry."

The First Graduate

Calvary Baptist School's first graduate was the Whittington's youngest daughter, Geri Whittington Morehouse. She was the only graduate of 1976.

Passing of the torch

Mrs. Whittington said, "After Bro. Mark Whittington's death in 1998, the Lord sent Bro. Mark Parker to ably fill the task of Pastor and School Administrator. The Lord had prepared him for just such a ministry, and we have seen continued growth in the church and school. The upgrading of our two-acre facility has been miraculous. Every square inch is being used for His glory. To God be the glory; great things He hath done."

Building Changes

For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.
- Hebrews 3:4

God used two amazing and inspiring people to create a work that is still going strong almost fifty years later. Countless souls and lives were saved as a result. Though they are no longer with us, to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord. Their work, started in and done for Christ, lives on after they have left this world behind. In loving memory of these two mighty saints of our Holy and Righteous God.

Bro. Mark Whittington: November 14, 1928 - February 26, 1998
Sister Miriam Whittington: November 18, 1929 - March 3, 2022